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What are these solutions? The solution allows for a non-disruptive, quick and easy way to deploy IP telephony and Unified Communications UC applications.

What is the warranty? Gold and Silver Maintenance levels are also available at additional cost at time of purchase. Click here for details.

3-phasige AC-Lasten mit Netzrückspeisung bis 900 Hz

What is the service and support? Click therefor details. What is the competition? NVT Phybridge is the only company to competitively offer robust solutions that leverage existing infrastructure to provide POE and Ethernet to an endpoint at distance of 1, feet or greater.

Do these products support all major VoIP manufacturers?

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Please contact us directly for a list of partners. How is QoS handled? In most instances network configuration is not required but if required QOS can be setup on the switch, please see technical training and manuals for information. Based on the IEEE For an IP phone this is usually the ringing state maximize the ring volumeif the phone does not restart or shut down then your IP device and line load is drawing less power than the If the power draw of the IP phone device and line length exceeds the power that can be provided by the PoLRE for the IP phone, then it may not power up or will reset during operation.

If the problem persists re-test the same IP phone at a shorter cable length to verify bewertung von dcoptionen problem assistenten für binäre optionen related to the IP phone drawing more than the maximum rated at the desired line length.

What IP phones are supported? Features-FAQ What bewertung von dcoptionen the minimum connection rate? Is there a limit to the number of supported devices off one PhyLink? Some IP phones do allow additional IP devices plugged into them, like a laptop computer, allowing multiple network devices to function off the single PhyLink connection.

What are the data security implications of these devices? Both GBE ports support straight through or cross over cables. The straight through cable is recommended.

How is the Power over Ethernet provided to the IP phone? We would be considered a mid-span POE device. This speed is not affected by distance or cable quality. What are the specifications of the PhyLink RJ45 port? Can I attach any Ethernet device? The connection rate is 10 BaseT. What is the power consumption of PhyLink?

The PhyLink consumes a maximum of 1 W. What is the operating temperature of the PhyLink? The PhyLink can operate in areas with ambient temperature from 0 to 40 degrees C. The PhyLink does bewertung von dcoptionen operate above ambient temperature and should be located in an area that gets air circulation.

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What is the operating temperature of the PoLRE? To recover, unplug the RJ45 cable from the PhyLink.

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If the problem persists re-test the same Bewertung von dcoptionen phone at a very short cable length to verify that problem is related to the IP phone drawing more than the maximum rated at the desired line length.

Do these solutions support video phone applications?

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The PoLRE is the only component that requires connection to a power source. The default configuration of the PoLRE is as a bridge.

An understanding of networking protocols and QoS is required to make configuration changes. In most instances network configuration is not required. Mount the PoLRE in desired location. Warning: the PoLRE can damage legacy equipment if it is left connected. Connect the PhyLink to the RJ11 connection at desired wall locations. The PoLRE comes from the factory with a bewertung von dcoptionen configuration that provides basic functionality without any additional programming.

What is the default user name and password in the PoLRE? Default IP addresses: If this does not work factory default the unit by holding the reset button for 10 seconds.

Factory default the unit by holding the reset button for 10 seconds. This can be slow or fast depending on many factors. This will blink slowly or rapidly based bewertung von dcoptionen network activity. The UPS allows the materials to be switched to emergency battery power for up to several minutes or longer in case of electrical problems, including; power line disturbances, outages, overvoltage, under-voltage, voltage spikes and lightening.

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Use these values to help calculate your UPS usage. Please see our power calculators in the partner portal for more detailed explanation on this. How do I know if my cabling will support these devices? Can the PoLRe damage old legacy phone equipment if left plugged into wiring?

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