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South Kasai
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During the session, Kalonji, in his capacity as an elected deputy, criticised the schnelle geldwege cabinet, expressing dissatisfaction that his party had not been consulted in its formation and declaring that he was proud not to mit option es included in an "anti-Baluba" and "anti-Batshoke" [e] government which had shown contempt for the wishes of Kasai's people.

He also stated his intentions to encourage the Baluba and Batshoke finanzielle unabhängigkeit von kiasaei refrain from participating in the government and to take his own steps to form a sovereign state centered in Finanzielle unabhängigkeit von kiasaei.

Die Streitkräfte fühlten sich nach der Unabhängigkeit benachteiligt, da die kongolesischen Soldaten keinerlei Offiziers-Ämter ausübten und diese Ämter weiter von belgischen Offizieren ausgeübt wurden. Dies führte zu schweren Ausschreitungen im Land, teilweise zum Zusammenbruch der öffentlichen Ordnung sowie zu Übergriffen auf die im Land verbliebenen Belgier. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt befanden sich rund Da aber tatsächlich belgische Staatsbürger in Gefahr waren, akzeptierten Kasavubu und Lumumba diesen Schritt zunächst.

The motion, which would have required the modification of the Congo's new constitution Loi fondamentalewas received by a legislature divided between Lumumba and Kasa-Vubu factions and no agreement could be reached. Initially, the Kalonjists envisaged the division of Kasai Province in two in order to allow for the creation of a quasi-autonomous MNC-K and Luba-dominated provincial government.

Although the Luba-Kasai had never lived in a single state before, Kalonji was able to gain the broad support of the Luba chiefs for the secession.

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Tensions rose between Kalonji and Ngalula, who had different ideas for how the state was to be run; Kalonji wanted the government to be based in tradition and relied on customary chiefs, while Ngalula preferred a democratic system and worked with the intellectual elite.

South Kasai had five different governments in the first few months of its existence.

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The state was able to direct money from diamond exporting and foreign support to fund public services which allowed Luba refugees to be settled in employment.

Social services were "relatively well-run".

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Kalonji went to great lengths to secure international recognition and support for the state of South Kasai. The former colonial power, Belgium, distrusted the Congolese central government and supported both the governments of South Kasai and Katanga.

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Like Katanga, South Kasai had important mineral deposits, including diamond fields, and Belgian companies had large sums of money tied up in mines in the area. By taking it, along with the extra name Ditunga "homeland"Kalonji was able to closely tie himself and the South Kasaian state to the Luba Empire to increase its legitimacy in the eyes of the Baluba.

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The UN was reluctant to do so, however, considering the secessions to be internal political matters and its own mission to be maintaining basic law and order. Many Baluba first fled in terror, but then began resisting with home-made shotguns.

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The epidemic had been preceded by widespread famine which by December was killing an estimated people daily. Finanzielle unabhängigkeit von kiasaei UN appealed to its member states for relief, and by late January government and private aid had reduced mortality by 75 percent.

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Further assistance in the form of an emergency food airlift, additional medical personnel, and seeds from the Finanzielle unabhängigkeit von kiasaei and Agriculture Organization ensured that the famine was almost entirely resolved by March Congolese delegates, as well as ANC and UN troops were generally able to move around the territory without conflict with the South Kasaian authorities while their sporadic campaign against Katangese forces continued.

The State of Katanga continued to hold out against the central government until it too collapsed in January after UN forces began to take a more aggressive stance under Thant. As the Mobutu regime launched a centralist restructuring of the Congolese state fromSouth Kasai was one of the few provinces which were retained.

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The rebels were led by General Mwanzambala and fought a guerrilla war against the new provincial government until when they also accepted integration into the ANC.

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