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Real estate is one such business where the intensity of cutthroat competition never drops down.

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On one side everyone is looking for their dream house and on the other side, all the real estate handelslehrbücher are trying their best to reach out to them. In all this running around, the easiest way to display your properties is a website.

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And, with our real earnings site im netz building your real estate website is so easy! We have more than templates available in both single and multipage layouts. They have amazing features like search box to allow the users to search properties according to the area, social media buttons to widen your online reach, and maps to show the exact location of the property. All these features are compiled in a responsive environment, which means, your website will automatically adjust to different screen sizes.

Download your favorite one.

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Have fun creating your website! More products What are the features of the best real estate website? You need to have one of the best real estate websites with great features.

The website should be simple, comprehensive, and easy to navigate. Detailed Information Visitors want to know everything about the property in just a single click.

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An appropriate real estate website design will show all the information about a property at only one place. It will not ask the visitors to find information scattered around by clicking at different CTA buttons. Interactive Maps If you check out some real estate website examples, you will not find even a single website without a map.

Maps not only help visitors to locate a real earnings site im netz, but they can also check out its surroundings. With interactive maps, users can do markings and keep track of a specific property.


Search Box If your website has hundreds of listings, then it is laborious to manually find a specific property amongst them.

Using a search box, users can effortlessly locate a property by typing their preferred location, floor area, budget, etc. And, if you value their time, it is more likely that they will trust you.

Moreover, if you are new in the real estate line, having a complicated menu with long dropdowns will only create confusion. Large Footer A big fat footer at the bottom of the home page is a better alternative for a complicated dropdown menu.

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You can put all those links in the footer which you want your visitors to see after they check out the home page. How to build the best real estate website?

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There are three ingredients to create a real estate website. Domain Name Website design Domain Name The domain name is something internet users enter in the address bar of the browser to reach your website. It has three parts divided by dots.

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For example, www. Other extensions are.

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Usually, each one had its purpose. But, the most preferred is. Hosting Space You need to own hosting space to put your website on the internet.

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And, buying a hosting space is not a separate procedure. It is a part of the domain buying process.

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